Danika Pariseau

West Star

Stainless reputation

This extremely successful client was in great need of a web refresh, as they had not changed their site since 2005. I was happy to take on the task for this food services stainless steel manufacturer located in California. The client wanted to make sure their USA-made message was clear so I used that to inspire the color palette.

Launch site

January 2016

Art direction:  Danika Pariseau
UX design:  Danika Pariseau
Client: West Star Industries
Team:  Hanna

Site design

One major problem we faced was a lack of high-quality imagery of their work; my solution was to focus on shapes and their impressive client list. Their product is so geometric, I couldn't get the images of blueprints and CAD software out of my head, so that inspired the shapes of the site. Most importantly, their product is all about precision, so I used a precision motif throughout the animation of the site.

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