Danika Pariseau

Avista Utilities

A modern interpretation of an old informational game using a web-based interactive module.

How does an energy company make clear the realities of the costs of renewable resources, meeting constantly incoming regulations and limitations initiated by many different branches of governments, keeping everyday usage costs low for all shapes and sizes of customers, and communicating all of that into a 30 year projection module for the public eye? Yeah, it's complicated. This project has yet to be made public and finalized, but it is one of my favorite projects I've ever been involved in. The Power Planner Interactive Module is a beast of a product involving complex calculations and much help from the engineers at Avista. I designed the User Experience and interaction flow to make this complex product as clear as possible to even the most elementary of users.

Launch site

November 2016

UX design:  Danika Pariseau
Client: Avista Utilities
Team: Hanna

Mobile Design 

This project started many moons ago, and I was brought on as a final hope to solve the project's problems before it died a sad and lonely death.

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